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There are places in Sicily where it

seems like you have been always living

Travelling with us


Either it is behind the next corner or many hundreds miles from Home, all of this really counts just a little, though the spirit with whom you embrace travelling will be made with open-mindedness, curiosity and enthusiasm.

The tours we offer are thought right for conjugating eclectic experiences: from classic archaeological visits, where you immerse yourself in millenian charme places , to the wise craftmanship of cooks and pastry chefs who weave fascinating and hardly forgettable flavors and smells.

However, every tour here offered is a canvas upon which, like passionate tailors we sew and model services and experiences for our customers, because of our displeaure for average standards.

Plus here in Sicily is almost impossible you not living unique adventures.

Living in Sicily


We like to use this verb even for those places that are transitory, like a holiday venue or trip may be.

Because either it does not matter how much distant from Home you are and how long you stay far, only matters feeling good in the location where you live for a while.

In order to a travel experience becomes a very pleasant memory, the chosen place has to fascinate and relax, making you to sigh for amusement.

So we have picked the tourist accomodation facilities that according to us satisfy pretty well the meaning of a significant and comfortable journey.


Customer references about us


«Sicily, the one of Unesco's sites, of culture and history, of blue sea, good wine and tasty food...but overall  the one of many little – trodden paths and corners, unique for beauty, the one that you can call authentic Sicily.

Nobody knows this amazing island like they do»

Tino Spoldi, Zelig Viaggi - Lodi

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