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Corporate welfare


In collaboration with DoubleYou, leader in corporate welfare management, we create ad hoc tourist packages for network members in order to increase the well-being of the worker and his family.
We carefully evaluate and select all our suppliers to offer careful proposals and guarantee the best experience for our customers.

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Speciale Sicilia orientale


Last Second Trentino

[cod. out-tre-1]

Pacchetto week end Cortina D’Ampezzo by train - nov '23

[cod. out-ven-11bis]

Offerta Austria

[cod. out-est-aus-0104]

Tour del Giappone - business

[cod. out-est-gia--0422b]

Offerta Germania - Berlino

[cod. out-est-ger--0425]

Offerta Alto Adige

[cod. out-alt--0811]

Last Second Lazio

[cod. out-laz--0429]

Last Second Lazio

[cod. out-laz--0531]

Offerta Grecia - Zante

[cod. out-est-gre--0817]

Last Second UmbriaToscana

[cod. out-umb-0901]

Pacchetto auto Italia

[cod. out-serv-0908]

Pacchetto we Cortina - integrazione

[cod. out-ven-11int]

Pacchetto Benessere

[cod. out-lom-0114]

Last Second Calabria

[cod. out-cal-0322]

Offerta Portogallo - Lisbona

[cod. out-est-por--0524]

Last Second Pavia

[cod. out-lom--0425]

Offerta New York

[cod. out-usa--1107]

Last Second Lazio

[cod. out-laz--0614]

Speciale Puglia in masseria

[cod. out-pug1]

Pacchetto we Cortina D'Ampezzo

[cod. out-ven-11]

Offerta Spagna

[cod. out-est-spa-0102]

Tour del Giappone - economy

[cod. out-est-gia--0422y]

Offerta Marocco

[cod. out-est-mar--0424]

Offerta Portogallo - Lisbona

[cod. out-est-por--0526]

Last Second Lazio

[cod. out-laz--0425]

Offerta Trentino

[cod. out-tre--0810]

Offerta Grecia - Creta

[cod. out-est-gre--0706]

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